Self-Awareness and Nurturing Embodied Research

coehsAs a team of counselor educators and researchers at the University of New Mexico, our lab is dedicated to studying and promoting self-awareness and embodiment in the context of counselor training, substance use, emotional well-being, and humanistic counseling.

In the SANAR Lab, we focus on advancing knowledge and understanding of how self-awareness and embodiment contribute to counselor effectiveness and client outcomes. Through rigorous research methodologies, we explore the intricate links between trauma exposure, substance use disorders, and the development of embodied self-awareness.

Our mission encompasses the following key areas: 

Substance Use Research: Investigating the relationship between trauma exposure and substance use disorders and exploring evidence-based interventions for individuals struggling with substance use. 
Awareness in Counselor Education: Fostering awareness and understanding of self-awareness and embodiment in counselor training programs and developing strategies to enhance counselor effectiveness.
Nurturing Embodied Self-Awareness: Promoting the cultivation of embodied self-awareness skills among counselors to better support individuals who have experienced adverse childhood experiences and substance use disorders.
Advancing Embodied Research: Conducting innovative research on interoception and the role of embodiment in counseling to develop a comprehensive framework for teaching interoceptive awareness skills in counselor training programs.
Resilience in Emotional Well-being: Exploring the impact of self-awareness and embodiment on emotional well-being and resilience and developing interventions to promote emotional health in individuals.


Our research aims to uncover new knowledge and evidence-based practices that can be integrated into counselor training curricula. Our goal is to provide counselors with the tools and strategies to help individuals develop interoceptive awareness, leading to improved emotional well-being and resilience. In the SANAR Lab, we foster a supportive and inclusive environment where counselors can learn and practice techniques for developing embodied self-awareness. We prioritize ethical research practices and respect the confidentiality and privacy of our participants, ensuring their experiences and insights are valued.

Ultimately, our mission is to generate research findings that can inform counseling practices and contribute to developing a comprehensive framework for teaching interoceptive awareness in counselor education. We are excited about the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in counseling research, empowering counselors to support individuals in their journey towards healthier and happier lives. Step into the SANAR Lab and join us in our mission!